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Past Rescue Stories
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Pups of the Past:

Updated August 3, 2009

Below are stories of a few of the special pets that passed thru our care. Some moved on to forever homes, others lived out their life here.

Rescued - June 2, 2004
Adopted - August 22, 2004
Abandoned Again - April 20, 2005
Adopted - May 29, 2005
Surrendered AGAIN - AUGUST 20, 2005
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge - July 25, 2006



Rolly's search for a forever home has come to and end. The great doglover in the sky has called him to the Rainbow Bridge.

3-25-06 UPDATE

Rolly recently attended a birthday party for a 17year old standard poodle. He particularly enjoyed the "cake" prepared especially for them. Rolly is great in a social setting, and is seeking someone to protect and care for as only a corgi can. You can see from this photo that his ear has a permanant "flop" from the surgery mentioned below. Email today if you can help this little guy.

11-19-05 UPDATE

Rolly has come back to us once again. This time due to the caregiver not following instructions on the best care for his weight and other problems. Rolly truly is a wonderful boy that can't seem to catch a break. He is good with other dogs, cats, kids and would be a loyal and watchful companion for someone facing life on their own. He deserves a caregiver that will commit to him.

6-5-05 UPDATE

Rolly has had his surgery on his ear. And in the process , has found an angel to give him the forever home he deserves.

4-29-05 UPDATE

Rolly has come back to us after being picked up in front of his home by Broward Animal Control. The house was empty with the exception of an abandoned car. The good news is he has lost some weight. The bad news he has come back with flea anemia and a large hematoma on his right ear so large it is causing his ear to droop. If his blood levels have stabilized, he will have surgery Tuesday to correct this and a dental while he is sedated. He is beginning to develop a cataract in 1 eye, but is a happy and active little guy none the less.


Rolly Polly is a Cardigan Corgi with a few too many pounds. Dumped on Dixie Highway in Pompano Beach, his microchip (registered only to MDAC) gave no clue to his past. We feel he is about 4 years old. He is housetrained, neutered and current on all vaccines. He loves other dogs and cats, but his favorite friend is a kid. He has had no formal obedience training but is eager to learn new tricks.

Please email or call 954-650-7220 for an application 

Thrown from a moving car on Dixie Highway
Rolly Polly will roll his way into your heart!
This tough little guy just kept on rollin'

Healing Oils for your Dog

Rescued March 2005
Adopted May 2005


Ebay is an active and happy 4-year old. Always readyb for a game of tennisball, a campout or just lyin' around watchin' TV.
6-4-05 UPDATE
Ebay hits the open road.
Sometimes the perfect home is close by. Occasionally a dog is so special, that we look beyond the boundaries of Florida for the right match. For Ebay, that turned outr to be a multi-poodle household in Dayton, OH. We agreed that flying was not an option for a dog with Addison's, so at 4am we loaded up and headed to Chatanooga, TN. 11 hours later, we met his new mommy and they headed for home, by 9pm, he was in his new back yard, making it his own.


Ebay has been diagnosed with Addison's Disease. This condition, though serious, is completely manageable by a monthly shot. As long as he gets his shot on schedule, you will never know there is anything wrong with this big, brown teddy bear.

And, unlike most poodles who require monthly grooming, Ebay's coat grows so slowly, that he will only require 3 to 4 grooms per year. The money saved in grooming will pay for the medication.

If you have room in your heart and home, call or email.

Rescued April 17, 2005
Adopted May 15, 2005


5-20-05 UPDATE

Yummie, now Jack, has the full attention of his new family in Central Florida. A summer full of dog parks and and picnics await.

Yummie was surrendered to Broward Animal Control. He is being treated for scabies and kennel cough. A Male, neutered Pembroke, he is an active and curious little guy. Ready for adventure at a moment's notice. Good with cats, kids, other dogs. Likes to play tug-of-war.


If you are looking for a buddy, email or call 954-650-7220 for an adoption application.


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