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"TIME IN THE ZONE" One resuer's impression of the resuce effort immediately after Hurricane Katrina

E.A.R.S. at work after Hurricane Charley in 2004

Angel Art by Jo - inspired to paper 1-18-09

Earth Mother Waters
for information on
Reiki Energy Healing,
news on herbs, oils and
other natural healing methods.

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Believe in angels...but beware of the evil ones

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The Merrimaker!

Rescues at the

If you have lost or found a pet with a microchip ID, call:

HOME AGAIN 866-738-4323

AVID 800-336-2843

24PetWatch 866-597-2424

If your pet does not have microchip ID, talk to your vet.
A microchip is a low cost way to protect your pet.
It's like a free phone call home.

URGENT PLEA! ................................. 13 cats are the latest victims of foreclosure. Click here to adopt one today.


Positive Dog Training
Lindy Nolan,  CPDT, is one of the premier dog trainers in South Florida. Training animals has been a lifelong passion for her. As part of her training philosophy, Lindy believes that a healthy dog is a happy and a productive dog.

A Rescue Story
The Grand Palm Pigs

Pigs in Distress

The saga of 6 pot-bellied pigs in search of a home.

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