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the House of BaJa

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Specializing in the rescue and placement of
Standard Poodles and Welsh Corgis

In association with:
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Pembroke Corgi Club of America

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America

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Updated May 31, 2004

If you are interested in adopting a poodle or corgi, click the association link above for an application.

Rolly Polly
Rescued June 2, 2004

Thrown from a moving car on Dixie Highway
Rolly Polly will roll his way into your heart!
This tough little guy just kept on rollin'

Rolly Polly is a Pembroke Corgi with a few too many pounds. Dumped on Dixie Highway in Pompano Beach, his microchip (registered only to MDAC) gave to clue to his past. We feel he is about 4 years old. He is housetrained, neutered and current on all vaccines. He loves other dogs and cats, but his favorite friend is a kid. He has had no formal obedience training but is eager to learn new tricks.
Please call 954-650-7220 for an application if you would like to adopt him.

Charlie (Gollywog)
Rescued May 6, 2004

Charlie ready for you!

Adopted June 14, 2004

Charlie is a 3-4 year old black male standard. He was surrendered from a "bird mill" where he lived his entire life outside with the birds. He is 96% housetrained and getting better every day. He loves other dogs, cats, and kids. He has had no formal obedience training but is eager to learn new tricks.
Click on his photo if you would like to adopt him.

Sydney (Bo)
Rescued February 6, 2004

Sydney freshly groomed

Adopted March 1, 2004


Sydney has met his match with his new family in Port St. Lucie. With his new human brothers, 8 and 3 years old, Sydney's energy is a good match for the boys.


Sydney is a 15 month old cream male standard. He was surrendered for being a "stupid dog". Don't let this rare picture of him at rest fool you. He is an energetic, atheletic and playful pup that needs the confident influence of a loving family. He would like a home in which he would be on the go with his family, whether to work, the beach, shopping on the boulevard or just sitting at home playing with his toys. He loves other dogs, cats, and kids. Due to his age and lack of training, Sydney and his new family will be required to attend an obedience class immediately. 

Poodle With A Mohawk
by Lynda Barry


Why we really love these dogs!

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Broward County Animal Care

Sunny (Holly)
Rescued July 24, 2003

Adopted September 12, 2003

Sunny is now "queen of the ranch" on a large spread in Wellington. She has 4 brothers and sisters to run the fields and tease the horses.


This happy, 5 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi came from Palm Beach A.C. 

A typical Corgi, she is a great herding dog. She will love her family "herd" kids, cats, everyone.
She is a picture perfect specimin who has just been spayed and is ready to go.

If you can help, call or email.

Rescued July 26, 2003


Sadly, Samantha had to put to sleep on August 23 after having popped a disc in her back. "She was literally fed to death" according to the vet, and her weight made her unable to withstand any kind of disc injury treatment.

This 5 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi came from Broward County A.C. 
She has some extra weight on her, and would love to be with a family that likes long walks on the beach, or park, or neighborhood. Or she would love to live on a horse ranch and run off those excess pounds.

May she run free across the Rainbow Bridge


Our primary concern is the proper placement of the dog.
And we suggest a donation of $150.00 for adoption to cover costs of medical treatments, shots, grooming, food etc.