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Hot Wheels For Sale

All cars are Mint On Card

First Editions

Radio Wagon Flyer - $4.00
Sizzlers - $5.00

Firebird Funny Car - $3.00

`32 Ford - $6.00
Dairy Delivery - $6.00
Express Lane - $4.00
Fathom This - $5.00
Hot Seat - $4.00
Tow Jam -$6.00
Whatta Drag - $3.00

1995 Styles
Dark Rider Series $25.00
includes: Twin Mill II, Rigor-Motor, Silhuette II, Splittin Image II

1996 Styles
Street Eaters Series $16.00
includes: Propper Chopper, Speed Machine, Roll Patrol, Silhouette II
Dark Rider II Series
Thunderstreak-$4.00, Big Chill-$4.00

1997 Styles
Blue Streak Series $30.00
includes: `55 Chevy, Olds 442, Nissan Truck, Speed Blaster
Dealer's Choice Series $20.00
includes: Silhouette II, Street Beast, `63 Corvette, Baja Bug
Rockin' Rods Series 14.00
includes: Twang Thang, Ferrari 355, Turbo Flame, Porsche 930
Speed Spray Series $25.00
includes: Hydroplane, Street Roader, XT-3, Funny Cars ++PLUS++ Street Roader, XT-3 on tri-lingual card and 2nd Funny Car
Spy Print Series $20.00
includes: Stealth, Alien, Sol-Aire CX4, Custom Corvette ++PLUS++ Alien, Custom Corvette on tri-lingual card and 2nd Sol-Aire CX4
Street Beast Series $20.00
includes: Unimog, Jaguar XJ220, Blown Camaro, Corvette Stingray++PLUS++ 2nd Corvette Stingray
White Ice Series $10.00
includes: Speed Machine, Shadow Jet, Splittin' Image II, Twin Mill II

1998 Styles Biohazard Series (First Editions) $15.00
includes: Flame Stopper, Hydroplane, Recycling Truck, Rescue Ranger
Low `N Cool Series $16.00
includes: `59 Caddy, `59 Imperial, Limozeen, Mini Truck
Tattoo Machines $13.00
includes: `57 T-Bird, `93 Camaro, Stutz Blackhawk, Corvette Stingray
Techno Bits $13.00
includes: Shadow Jet II, Power Pistons, Shadow Jet, Radar Ranger
Tropicool Series $17.00
includes: Ice Cream Truck, BaJa Bug, Classic Caddy, Corvette Convertible++PLUS++ 2nd Ice Cream Truck

Andy Bass
Pompano Beach, FL