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California   Raisins   On   Sale   Now

Initial Release 1987

Sax Player 3 available
moldmark 3, 4 or 15 $6

Ben Indasun
DAMAGED-pointing finger on left is slightly melted. moldmark 1 $3

1st Edition January 1988

Red the Guitar Player
1st molding stamped on left foot $12
2nd molding stamped on right foot w/ moldmark 2 $10

Microphone Singer
1st issue w/ moldmark 4 $6

Santa Hat
moldmark 4 $10

2nd Edition August 1988

Yellow Shoe Female
moldmark V2 $15

HARDEE'S 1st Issue 1987
all raisins are loose (out of package)

Tiny Goodbite w/microphone
moldmark D4 $4

Justin X. Grape 2 available
moldmark 3 near mint $5; moldmark A31 worn $3

Ben Indasun
moldmark A2

HARDEE'S 2nd Issue 1988
all raisins are loose (out of package)

Rollin' Rollo
moldmark G4 (or 64) $6

S.B. Stuntz
moldmark V2 $6
moldmark A11 $6

Andy's Toybox
Pompano Beach, FL 33064

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