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The Grand Palm Pigs

The saga of 6 pot-bellied pigs in search of a home.

The Rescue Squad:

pigs as pets assoc.

Friends of Horses


Our story begins about a month ago, when 4 young adult pigs, 1 boar and 3 sows, lost their way and wound up at the Grand Palms hotel and Golf Resort in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Did they wander in from the farm up the road? If so, they either had to swin a 20 wide canal, or walk along the 8 lane Pines Blvd. to cross the canal by bridge.

Or, were they left here by an owner who thought they purchased "dwarf" pigs?

2 sows come out to say hi.

Copyright 2001 House of BaJa

Copyright 2001 House of BaJa