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Biography of Andy Bass

Before he was even a year old, Andy was appearing in print ads as the "pablum-eating tax pundit" for DOME tax forms and Olivetti-Underwood adding machines.

At the age of 4, he moved to the live stage and appeared in virtually every production possible from kindergarten thru college. If he wasn't in the cast, he was behind the scenes, usually as a scenic designer or special effects technician. His acting credits include OKLAHOMA's peddler Ali Hakim; Mike Tallman in Wait Until Dark, and 70 year old Rodgers Canfield in Holy Ghosts.

In 1981, Andy left college and the midwest for the land of LA, working as a production assistant for Dreamscape, and commercials for Kirin Beer and Sunkist. More recently, as an event coordinator for Borders Books & Music, he has had the honor of presenting the likes of Judy Collins, Melanie, Ian Anderson, Dion, David Brinkley and many other stars to the south Florida audience. And the fun of portraying The Mask, Genie and Jafar from Disney's Alladin, Dr. Frank-N-Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Captain Smith from Titanic and various original characters for select events.

And for the last 3 years Andy has served as a host and stage manager for the City of Fort Lauderdale's Cajun/Zydeco Crawfish Festival and Sound Advice Blues Festival, 2 of the largest music festivals in the country.