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andy bass
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Nail it to the wall and call it "Art" !

As the son of a residential and commercial builder, Andy grew up with a hammer in hand. His varied experience gives him the ability to create just about anything!
From small productions to full features, Andy can get the most out of your budget whether large or small.

Here's an example of the some of those creations:

* Scenic Design - TV/Stage/Outdoor

* Special Effects & Make-up

* Location Procurement and management

* Promotion and editorial services


Shana Banana & the Banana Shack

From a magical treehouse to a demonic cemetery, Andy can create that perfect setting for your next project


Whether you require a baseball field, horse ranch, nightclub or church, Andy can find it, secure it, and dress it up for you.


The House of Baja
Pompano Beach, Florida